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These kept me late. Hair pins - all 50 of them. I thought I was never going to get all of them off.

It was my friends' wedding yesterday. I was one of the bridesmaids so I had to have my hair done. The pretty Miss Trisha did my hair & make-up. She's like supergirl with airbrush and hair pins.

Again, I'm posting pictures taken using my phone cam. I couldn't bring my cybershot with this purse.

It was a very pleasant event, I must say.
I love the cherry blossom theme and what they did for the reception decor was uber lovely.

You can see from afar how happy they both were - the bride and the groom.

A digicam was for raffle at the reception. I didn't win. I can't. We're supposed to make origami with the coloured papers at the table, but how could I?

I got these instead. They were the wedding favor gifts - a Kokeshi doll and some sweet treats from Japan.

Now, for my witchcraft. I had the pleasure of drafting the design for the table numbers. It was not a big thing at the party, but I was happy they really got to use them. Scroll down for the JPG copies of the numbers (numbers 1 to 20) free for use.

zipped JPG files - numbers 01 to 07
zipped JPG files - numbers 08 to 14
zipped JPG files - numbers 15 to 20

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