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Hello, December! And hello to you, too, my no-post-for-three-years blog.

Believe me. For three years I have been stepping into blogger.com in attempt to post for all the craft and life events I've had, only to end up tweaking the blog design.

I swear, I am going to stick with this one. It's still in its skeletal form, though. No social media icons, dead gallery and contact pages, etc. One step at a time lang tayo. This time I will be focusing on the content. 

I hope cutsofjoy can catch up with the amount of blog-able projects I have completed, with pictures na nakatambay sa flickr, my other laptop, my phone and tablet. Oh, dear. I just realized that's a lot… NO. No, Nelle. You are not going to chicken out. Please do not fail your followers, both of them.  :-P

Anyway, Christmas is 20 sheep-on-sugar-high away! That means I have less than 20 days to finish my holiday projects. Let the midnight crafting commence!

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